Please join us for the next NEPA Moves Quarterly Meeting

Please join us for the next NEPA Moves Quarterly Meeting! 

NEPA Moves Quarterly Meeting
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 
@ Benco Dental (295 Centerpoint Blvd, Pittston, PA 18640) 

Light breakfast refreshments will be served. 

At this quarterly meeting, we look forward to sharing updates on the current work of NEPA Moves including mass transit, workforce, and other key priority areas. We also plan to discuss our growing focus on the role of transportation in community development.   

To attend this meeting, kindly RSVP to NEPA Moves Transportation Coordinator, Vivian Williams, at

A Glance at NEPA Moves in 2019

Here is a glance at what is in the works for NEPA Moves in 2019:

Strategic Planning
NEPA Moves will work with subcommittees to develop a strategic plan for the next two to three year period to direct goals and priorities. GIS Mapping Expansion

GIS Mapping Expansion
NEPA Moves is working to develop GIS mapping features and services that will provide relevant data to employers particularly in the industrial parks in the region—aiming to identify service gaps that exist and to develop partnerships, collaborative pilots, and last-mile solutions that will bring job opportunities to more in the community.

Private/Public Partnership Pilots
Through partnerships with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC) and the regional Chambers of Commerce, pilot programs and employer-supported transportation incentive programs will be developed through buy-in from local businesses.

Transportation Inventory in the Healthcare/Social Service Field
NEPA Moves is collecting data related to the inventory and utilization of all current transportation options offered by participating social services and/or healthcare providers in NEPA with the goal of sharing that information so that agencies may have an opportunity to maximize utilization more cost-effectively.  Additionally, this information can be used to develop additional solutions to serve clients.

Additional Sub-committee Focus Area: Community Development
NEPA Moves understands that addressing accessibility in transit is not a means to an end, but one critical component of a healthy, economically vibrant, equitable, and environmentally sustainable communities. This new sub-committee will strive to develop, identify, and maintain seamless partnerships with community partners, such as Residential and Business Developers, and various community advocacy groups.

Industrial Park Support Development
NEPA Moves will work towards supporting industrial parks and park associations, with the goals of better understanding businesses needs and facilitating relationships between park owners and tenants in order to work towards solutions.

Community Forum
Hosted at WVIA, The Communications and Amplifiers committee will facilitate a community forum around transportation with local leaders and experts speaking and taking questions from an audience.

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